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Buying a house is an exciting time, and possibly the biggest financial transaction you will ever enter into, but we appreciate that the process can be daunting, especially if you are relocating to Scotland. We have years of experience helping clients and their families with their property transactions and can guide you along the way.

Property is our area - preparing documentation for residential property transactions and structuring arrangements for commercial properties are everyday occurrences for our team.

Residential Purchase

We have helped thousands of people and families purchase their homes for over 250 years. Avoiding legal jargon we will help you along your journey, guiding you through the completion process and we won’t relax until you have the keys to your new property in your hands.

Residential Sale

We sometimes feel like we are part of the furniture in Dunblane and it goes without saying that we know the local market inside-out, so when it comes to selling your property there is no better people to speak to than the property experts at McLean & Stewart. When you have decided to sell your property we will help ensure your ‘housework’ is in order and can advise on everything from offers and closing dates, to negotiating on your behalf and concluding missives.


If you are looking to re-mortgage your home, whether it is to reduce the overall monthly mortgage payment amounts, to repay your mortgage earlier, or to raise capital, we can help you make the process stress free. We have contacts with all the local mortgage advisors and national banks and building societies, and together will help you re-mortgage as quickly as possible.

Equity Release

Equity release allows people aged 55 and over to release money from the property they live in without having to make any monthly repayments and is a beneficial way of releasing the wealth tied up in your property without having to sell it and move to another home.

Transfer of Title

Transfer of Title is the legal process required to alter the ownership of a property and is common when transferring ownership due to separation or divorce, death, or as a result of a property sale or purchase. It can also be necessary if family or friends have purchased a property together but at a later date certain people want to be released from the ownership of the property.

Discharge of Standard Security

If you are lucky enough to be able to pay off your mortgage in full, you will need to then get in touch with a solicitor to arrange for the Standard Security to be discharged. It’s your turn to relax now and let us do this for you – we will arrange for the Discharge Document to be sent to your lender to be signed and we will then arrange for the Discharge to be registered in the Land Register.

Voluntary Registration

To protect your ownership of an unregistered plot of land you need to apply for registration on the land register. The land you own is likely to be one of your biggest assets and with Voluntary Registration you can ensure that the boundaries of your land are identified so you know what you own, simplifying any future property transactions on the land.


There’s more to renting out a property than simply handing over the keys and it is important to get the paperwork correct at the outset. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you should always enter into a property tenancy agreement at the beginning of the relationship to protect your legal rights should any disputes arise. If you are a landlord looking to draw up a legal tenancy document, or you have a dispute regarding your tenancy agreement, then get in touch for practical and tailored advice to ensure your relationship runs smoothly.


Questions answered

Property law – take a look at some of our frequently asked questions for more information.

We are highly respected and trusted by families and businesses for all their legal needs – from buying their first home and advising on family matters, to supporting their business and commercial needs, to helping them plan for their future.

We have been advising the people of not only Dunblane and Stirlingshire, but across Scotland, for over 250 years. Our firm is steeped in history and experience, but we do not rest on our laurels. The business has evolved over the years into a modern and innovative law firm. Providing expert legal advice by real and down-to-earth people, we strive to keep things simple and always deliver a personal service.

Please get in touch for a no-obligation chat. Our team are happy to speak to you to find out more about your individual situation and discuss how we can work with you to achieve a positive outcome.

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